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Diversity and Inclusion

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Committed to an Inclusive Culture

Diversity & Inclusion

As an industry that provides service to, and employs people from, just about every community, ethnicity and race or religious background, NCTA – The Internet & Television Association and our member companies believe in making a positive impact in the communities we serve. From implementing diverse hiring practices, to funding organizations that provide career development for diverse employees, to working with nonprofits and more, we know that success means opportunity for everyone to make a difference.

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At NCTA, we work to create an inclusive culture where all forms of diversity thrive and flourish.

NCTA’s commitment to diversity and inclusion has contributed to our industry’s rich history, become an integral part of how we navigate our present and will shape and inform a future abounding with possibilities.

Our Commitment

Fostering diversity and inclusion has for decades been a cornerstone of the cable industry. NCTA celebrates diversity as a core value and recognizes that much of our industry’s success is directly attributable to the diversity of views, opinions, and experiences of our employees and communities we serve.

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The cable industry delivers diverse TV programming that reflects the wide range of ethnicities, cultures, and races that make up America. Cable provides a home for a variety of TV networks dedicated to providing content for traditionally underserved audiences to bridge racial, gender, and social divides.

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We offer a wide array of jobs that can appeal to just about anyone – from front-line professionals that are the face of the industry; engineers and technicians who build and operate internet networks; to the writers and creative professionals who bring culturally significant storytelling to life. Our employees represent all demographic and educational backgrounds in both rural and urban communities throughout America.

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The industry supports several diversity organizations that boost the contributions of women and people of color, and programs that demonstrate a commitment to using diverse vendors to promote, increase, and improve the participation of diverse businesses within the supply chain.

A Snapshot of Our Diverse Workforce

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Entry & Mid-level
National Benchmark
Source: 2019 Namic-WICT Diversity Survey conducted by Mercer

The Walter Kaitz Foundation

The Walter Kaitz Foundation stands at the center of the cable industry’s long-standing commitment to diversity as it advances the careers of women and multi-ethnic professionals. Through the funds we raise, the organizations we support, and the programs we produce, the Walter Kaitz Foundation serves as a catalyst for increasing diversity in cable in three areas — its workforce, its supplier base and its programming.

The Kaitz Dinner brings together leaders from across the media and communications industries to build significant support for the advancement of inclusion and diversity throughout our businesses. Each fall this important event continues our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

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Hiring and advancing veterans is a priority

The industry recognizes the value that these men and women bring to our workforce through the diverse set of skills and experiences that they acquired during their service. They are team players, they have highly developed leadership skills, and they are self-sacrificing.

Industry Initiatives

Through efforts like hiring programs, mentorships, diverse suppliers and more, NCTA members companies are committed to building diverse workforces and businesses. Every part of the industry has a role to play, and each is pivotal. See what some members are doing to ensure their organizations reflect the world we live.

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Join us in advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in the media and entertainment industries

The Kaitz Dinner brings together leaders from across the media and communications industries to build significant support for the advancement of inclusion and diversity throughout our businesses. Learn more about this important event that continues our commitment to diversity and inclusion.